School Eye Exams in Orange County

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School-Eye-Exams-in-Orange-County-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCThe back to school season is a busy time for many families. There are school supplies to purchase, plans to make, and a new schedule to establish. Unfortunately, one of the important parts of preparing your child to head back to school is forgotten by many families – some studies suggest that as many as 86 percent of children enter school without having an eye exam. Dr. Golareh Fazilat offers school eye exams in Orange County so that children heading back to start a new grade have every opportunity to succeed.

Why are school eye exams important? 

School eye exams help to prepare your child for the upcoming year of learning. If your child has a vision problem that is not being corrected with lenses, it can only build frustration and make it difficult for your child to learn. Many children who become frustrated with vision problems start to develop a dislike for school because they are struggling so much. Unfortunately, vision problems often get worse without any treatment. Getting an exam before the year starts helps to catch any potential issues that can set your child back throughout the year. 

What kinds of things do school eye exams reveal? 

The main focus of school eye exams is on your child’s vision, and determining whether or not he or she requires eyeglasses or contact lenses to see clearly and focus. However, during the exam, your child’s ophthalmologist will also be looking at their general eye health and ability to track objects, among other things. These school eye exams in Orange County can help to unveil issues like strabismus, lazy eye, and more. If your child’s eyes are often irritated by allergens, or if you have any other concerns about their eye health, this exam is a good time to bring it up.

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