Allergic Eye


Allergic eye disease is a condition which can affect both children and adults, but it is more prevalent in children. The condition occurs when there is a heavy amount of allergens in the air, such as pollen and grass, and can be similar to what is commonly referred to as hay fever. When these allergens land on the surface of your child’s eye, it becomes irritated and releases substances known as histamines. This reaction generally occurs in conjunctiva and some times in cornea of the eye.

Common symptoms of allergic eye disease include redness in the eyes and itching of the eyes, in addition to puffy and inflamed eyelids at times. The symptoms of allergic eye disease can commonly be associated with other systemic allergic symptoms, because the allergens in the air can have an effect on the entire body.

The most common way to help your child find relief is to keep him or her away from allergens that are causing the problem. However, it is not always easy to completely avoid known allergens, and even harder if you aren’t sure which allergens are triggering your child’s reaction. Your child’s doctor might recommend antihistamines to block allergen reactions. In some cases, steroid eye treatments are used for children who are especially uncomfortable.

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