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Dr. Golareh Fazilat is Orange County's premier children's eye doctor and pediatric ophthalmologist. At Children's Eye Center of Orange County, she melds her expertise as a top pediatric eye surgeon with a compassionate touch, ensuring every child receives the pinnacle of eye care tailored to their needs. Entrust your child's vision to OC's best.

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"I was referred to Dr. Fazilat by Dr. Pai, a eye specialist in Glendora, California. I am a physical education and algebra teacher with Monrovia Unified School District. I have retinitis pigmentosis and developed double vision in both eyes. This double vision caused me to wear a patch covering one eye in order to see single vision. Being a schoolteacher, parents would drop off their children in the morning..."

"Thank you Dr. Fazilat for your diligent care before, during and after my daughters bilateral eye surgery. My husband and I had many questions and concerns the day of her surgery but you took the time to patiently answer each and every question we had. What I admired most were the unexpected phone calls that we received from you in the days following her eye surgery to ask about her condition and to further ..."