Strabismus, or a misalignment of the eyes, causes the eyes to wander in different directions and can affect the way children are able to focus on certain objects. While eyes that wander in different directions are common in newborns due to the muscles of the eye not being completely developed, infants over six months old who still have wandering eyes may be suffering from strabismus. In this condition, the eyes can wander together or one eye could wander up, down, in, or out while the other eye remains completely focused.

It is possible for vision to be affected with strabismus. The eye that remains focused on objects can become more dominant and cause the wandering eye to suffer from vision loss. Any misaligned eyes that are not treated properly and in a timely manner can be at risk for vision loss.

Treatment for misaligned eyes is generally safe and easy. It is often recommended that children who have strabismus wear glasses to help strengthen the sight of the wandering eye. Additionally, an eye patch may be recommended for the strong eye to help increase the visual acuity of the weak eye. If these less invasive methods do not prove to be successful, surgery is sometimes needed to help make the wandering eye focus properly. This surgery will help them realign in the correct way.

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