I was referred to Dr. Fazilat by Dr. Pai, a eye specialist in Glendora, California. I am a physical education and algebra teacher with Monrovia Unified School District. I have retinitis pigmentosis and developed double vision in both eyes. This double vision caused me to wear a patch covering one eye in order to see single vision. Being a schoolteacher, parents would drop off their children in the morning.

One morning a parent called the police department stating a strange man was on campus with an eye patch. The police arrived and verified it was a teacher on campus, me. Students would look at me and ask questions regarding my situation out of curiosity. I gave them insight to what I was going through. Students would watch me maneuver around the classroom while I bumped into desks and other students. My days of coaching football and softball were impossible due to the restricted vision.

My wife and I went to Dr. Fazilat’s office where we were greeted with a warm reception in the waiting while waiting for the Doctor. While waiting for the doctor my wife and I were feeling very stressed about my situation. When we were able to meet Dr. Fazilat, we were very impressed by her kind and gentle manner, as well as her professionalism. She explained everything in a clear and concise way, which made the situation make sense and took away the fear and anxiety.

She really gave us hope.

She did various testing to rule out underlying causes as well as the obvious condition. After several visits, surgery was scheduled. Prior to surgery, she explained all expectations and potential results. The day of surgery, she talked with us beforehand and made my wife and I feel very much at peace. The surgery consisted of lengthening and/or shortening the muscles in the eyes.

Immediately following the surgery, it had become apparent it was a success. What impressed my wife and I the most was the dedication of Dr. Fazilat to call later in the evening to follow up on my condition after the surgery. Within a few days I had become able to see single vision out of my eyes. This caused me not to wear a patch anymore. Students at school were amazed at my transformation.

My wife saw that I could walk from one place to another without bumping into things around me. Recently I had an experience when I asked the student to pass me a basketball in my gym class. She hesitated realizing that I have visual difficulties. I insisted that she toss me the ball gently. When the young lady tossed the ball I was able to catch it with two hands. Six to eight other students observed this act and started to clap and cheer. This was a small step, that felt huge. Later that week with the same class I attempted the free-throw and made all net. It feels great to have that perception again to be able to catch and throw at a target.

I have more strides to take to be completely healed, but my quality of life with my wife, students, and fellow athletes has been improved greatly. I would like to thank you Dr. Fazilat for all the work that you have done for me to improve my quality of life.

Richard Gretebeck

Thank you Dr. Fazilat for your diligent care before, during and after my daughters bilateral eye surgery. My husband and I had many questions and concerns the day of her surgery but you took the time to patiently answer each and every question we had. What I admired most were the unexpected phone calls that we received from you in the days following her eye surgery to ask about her condition and to further guide us in her healing process.

Unfortunately her healing process was slow and a few times of great concern to me. I called to speak to you and each time I received a response from either you or your staff with an appointment to see you almost immediately. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your humbleness and the care you show for your patients.

Sonia Gomez

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