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Back to School Eye Exam


Back to school eye exams are important for all school age children. A back to school eye exam will ensure that your child is ready for the school year and is able to see properly, which will help him or her to be more successful at school.

A back to school eye exam is a simple procedure. In addition to examining the eyes for common childhood development problems, your child’s eye doctor will also determine whether or not your child needs a glasses prescription. If your child currently wears corrective lenses, they will need to wear them for parts of the appointment in order to determine whether the prescription needs to be adjusted to help your child see better.

If your child has had no vision correction issues in the past and shows no signs of vision trouble, then he or she will need an exam at least every two years. If your child has had problems seeing at school or at home, or already wears corrective lenses, then he or she should have an exam at the start of every school year – especially since your child’s eyes are constantly developing. Your school district might require an exam in order to enter the school year, or at certain benchmarks like the start of kindergarten or the start of middle school.

These simple exams can make a big difference in your child’s success at school, and are a relatively easy way to make homework and understanding classroom instructions easier.

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