Children Eye Doctor Orange County

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Dr. Golareh Fazilat of Children’s Eye Center of Orange County provides pediatric ophthalmology care for patients dealing with a wide range of vision and eye issues, including:

Additionally, the center provides care for babies who have eye problems stemming from premature birth. At Children’s Eye Center of Orange County, kids can also receive and pick out eyeglasses prescriptions.

As a children eye doctor in Orange County, Dr. Fazilat’s services also include back to school eye exams, routine screening exams, and surgical procedures for treatment of conditions such as strabismus and nasolacrimal duct obstruction.

Why should I take my child to a pediatric ophthalmologist instead of a regular ophthalmologist?

While all ophthalmologists have some training in eye problems specific to children, a pediatric ophthalmologist will have extra education and experience in the range of potential conditions that can affect children. Childhood is such an important time of vision and neurological development that it is critical to receive diagnoses and treatment that are quick. As an added benefit, a pediatric ophthalmologist’s office will have equipment that is designed for children to feel comfortable. The decorations and entertainment offered at the office will also be focused on helping children to feel comfortable and safe.

As a children eye doctor in Orange County, Dr. Fazilat has years of experience working with children and helping them to be relaxed in her care. Her skills allow her to help children cooperate and communicate their symptoms and struggles.

If your child’s doctor recommends that he or she see an ophthalmologist for eye troubles in Orange County, you will be making a positive choice for your child’s health by taking him or her to see Children’s Eye Center of Orange County.

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