Kids Eye Patches

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Kids-Eye-Patches-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCChildren’s Eye Center of Orange County provides various forms of treatment for children, such as corrective lenses, surgical procedures, and more. One of the effective methods of treatment offered that the eye care center is the minimally invasive option of eye patching.

Pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Golareh Fazilat offers kids eye patches for the treatment of amblyopia. It can also be used to cover up and protect an injured eye while it is healing.

How does eye patching work for the treatment of amblyopia? 

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, occurs when one of your child’s eyes does not develop properly and is not used enough. The result is poor vision in the eye. By wearing an eye patch on the stronger eye, the weaker eye has a chance to be used more often by the brain and then is forced to become stronger. This is the most commonly used method of amblyopia treatment and is very effective if both parents and child following the patching instructions provided by the doctor.

What does consultation entail?

It is important to have a consultation first whenever you suspect that your child is having vision problems, or if you notice that his or her eyes do not look right. This is because kids eye patches should not be used unless it is recommended by a doctor and then monitored throughout the process. Dr. Fazilat will examine your child’s eyes and ask questions about his or her medical history before determining which treatment would be best. Patching is most effective when started early. Throughout the process, Dr. Fazilat will check on your child’s vision periodically to see how the vision is being affected by the patch. This will help her to know if more treatment is needed or if the patch is working effectively.

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