Amblyopia Treatment for Children

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Amblyopia-Treatment-for-Children-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCAmblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is one of the most common eye issues seen in children. At Children’s Eye Center of Orange County, Dr. Golareh Fazilat provides amblyopia treatment for children.

What causes amblyopia?

The underlying cause of amblyopia depends on the type of amblyopia that is being experienced, which is why a thorough consultation is an important step in treating the condition.

  • Strabismic amblyopia – This is the most common type of amblyopia. If the eyes are not properly aligned, the brain ignores the input from the misaligned eye.
  • Refractive amblyopia – This is caused by unequal refractive errors in two eyes, even if they are perfectly aligned (for example, uncorrected nearsightedness in just one eye).
  • Deprivation amblyopia – This is caused by a congenital cataract or similar that obstructs light from entering the eye.

Determining the cause of your child’s amblyopia is the first step in treatment.

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