Stye Treatment for Kids

Stye-Treatment-for-Kids-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCDr. Golareh Fazilat of Children’s Eye Center of Orange County provides treatment for vision and eye health issues. She works with children of all ages and places importance on early intervention in order to treat problems. One of her many areas of expertise is in providing stye treatment for kids.

What is a stye and what causes it?

Sties (also known as hordeolums) resemble pimples and are located near the edge of the eyelid. They typically form on the outside of the lid, but can also be on the inner part of the eyelid. Styes are painful and red.

The most common cause of a stye is bacteria, most specifically the bacterium staphylococcus. If your child doesn’t wash his hands and then touches his eyes, it can transfer the bacteria to the eyelids, resulting in a stye forming.

Another cause of sties is eyelid inflammation. If your child suffers from chronic inflammation of the eyelid, known as blepharitis, a stye can form.

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