Uveitis, also known as ocular inflammation, is an acute condition that can affect children of any age. It can be the result of infectious or noninfectious conditions, such as from trauma or systemic disease. Ocular inflammation is sometimes accompanied by extreme pain and discomfort in the eyes, but not every child experiences pain along with the inflammation. In fact, many children have no symptoms at all.

Early detection and treatment is important. Children who have long term uveitis are at a greater risk for vision loss than children who have never had any inflammation, and it is one of the more common causes of vision loss in children. Regular eye exams are important in order to catch uveitis early, especially if your child isn’t complaining of any symptoms.

The most common treatment for uveitis in children is the use of corticosteroids to help reduce the inflammation in areas of the eye. However, prolonged use of corticosteroids is not recommended in children, so the treatment will need to be closely evaluated by your child’s eye doctor. Your child’s eye doctor might also suggest immunotherapy sessions in order to reduce the cause of uveitis.

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