A Chalazian also known as stye is a pimple-like bump located on top or bottom of the eyelid. A stye is caused when a buildup of oil get trapped within the oil ducts that are present on the eyelids. A stye will generally start next to an eyelash and can grow to sizes that make it difficult to see and close the eyes. Styes are common in children, especially those who are going through puberty and have excessive oil on their skin. Rarely, styes are present on the inside of the eyelid.

When styes are left untreated or become very large, scar tissue can form on the eyelid.

A stye should always be looked at by an ophthalmologist because of the complications that it can cause with scar tissue. Your child’s eye doctor might recommend that a clean and warm compress applied to the area in order to help oils seep out of the ducts. In some cases, eye drops or antibiotic ointment can be used as well, especially if your child suffers from styes often. Children are also often counseled on the proper hygiene for the eyes and ways to keep the eyelids clean in order to prevent styes. At times Medications may also be given to decrease the frequency of the stye formation.

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