Glaucoma is a serious condition that affects many adults each year, but it can be even more serious in children. Although it is rare in children, it can pose serious risks to your child’s vision.

Glaucoma in children is generally inherited and is not the result of underlying causes, like it is in adults. Children who are suffering with glaucoma are generally diagnosed in the first year of life.

The most common symptom of glaucoma in children is a cloudiness of the eyes. This is often the first symptom that parents notice and can be a major cause for concern for parents, because it is often associated with other eye problems. Children who are suffering from glaucoma may also have unusually large eyes and may not be able to tolerate bright lights. Additional symptoms include excessive tearing of the eyes, an inability to focus on certain objects, and blurred vision. However, it is important to remember that not each symptom is present in children.

Glaucoma is just one of many reasons why regular well visit exams are important for your child. Vision loss that does occur as a result of childhood glaucoma may not be repairable, but catching it early makes all the difference. As long as glaucoma is diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, most cases can be corrected without major vision loss. Your child might be prescribed topical medications or eye drops in order to help improve symptoms. In some cases, surgery might be utilized to correct the condition.

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