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Glasses Prescription


Children’s glasses will change very frequently as they grow. Glasses prescription in children are used to help correct vision issues, teach the eyes to focus on things, strengthen a lazy eye, in some cases correct the ocular deviation, or protect the development of each eye if one has a vision problem and the other does not.

Many parents worry that their child is sentenced to a life of wearing glasses if they start at a young age. But sometimes, children who need to wear glasses do not need them any longer once they are older and their eyes have fully developed. Wearing glasses during childhood does not hinder your child from having good vision in adulthood. Instead, not utilizing a glasses prescription when it is needed can make the issues harder to treat later.

Similar to adult prescription, glasses for children come in several different types. Whether your child is farsighted, nearsighted, has astigmatism, or has eyes that each require a vastly different prescription, there are glasses that will be able to help. There are even bifocals available for children to help those who have crossed eyes or have had cataract surgery.

Seeing an eye doctor regularly as your child grows is important, because his or her specific prescription could change. If your child needs glasses but doesn’t wear them, any existing vision problem could worsen and create more challenging vision problem down the road that are harder to correct.

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