Double Vision


Double vision occurs both in children and adults. The condition is the result of eyes that are not able to focus properly and muscles that are not able to control the eyes’ movements. Double vision can occur in children who have nearly perfect vision. It can be difficult to detect because some children can appear to have normal vision during an exam, but then have trouble looking at things when it is time to read or focus elsewhere. Double vision is often accompanied by a lazy eye, crossed eyes, or wandering eyes.

The muscles of the eyes are extremely important when it comes to looking at objects and being able to read things correctly. When the muscles do not properly function or are weak, the eyes will not be able to focus properly on objects. Rather than indicating a problem with vision, this often points to the eye muscles not doing their job.

In children, double vision is generally able to be treated with early detection. Corrective lenses, eye patches, and even eye exercises can be used to help strengthen the eye muscles. Once the muscles have regained their strength, your child will be able to focus on objects better. A full recovery with full vision restoration is expected.

Children who have experienced double vision in the past should be tested regularly to ensure that their vision is not deteriorating.

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