Pediatric Eye Exam in Orange County

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Pediatric-Eye-Exam-in-Orange-County-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCChildren’s Eye Center of Orange County provides treatment for a wide range of eye issues, including lazy eye, strabismus, allergic eye disease, glaucoma, and more. In the interest of providing comprehensive care for children, Dr. Golareh Fazilat also performs routine eye exams to help children achieve optimal vision health. For a pediatric eye exam in Orange County, an experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Fazilat is the best choice.

Why are pediatric eye exams important? 

Your child’s vision is extremely important for learning and play. Your child needs sight in order to interact with the world. To be more exact, your child needs near vision, distance vision, focus, eye movement skills, hand eye coordination, peripheral awareness, and more.

Having regular eye exams will make sure that your child’s eyes are healthy and will improve school performance. About 25 percent of school age children have vision problems, so you shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that your child is fine without an exam. Most vision issues respond better to treatment when they are treated early. 

How often does my child need an eye exam?

You should take your child for a pediatric eye exam in Orange County at around six months of age, then again at three years, and again before your child enters school. Your child’s pediatrician might refer you to an ophthalmologist if he or she notices any vision issues.

Vision issues to be aware of include trouble maintaining eye contact, trouble tracking objects, squinting, holding books close, frequent headaches, clumsiness, and rubbing eyes often. You should also take your child for an exam if he or she was born premature.

Your child will need exams every two years if they do not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, and show no signs of vision problems. If your child does wear corrective lenses, they will need an exam yearly.

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