Lazy Eye Treatment in Mission Viejo

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Lazy-Eye-Treatment-in-Mission-Viejo-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCAn experienced pediatric ophthalmologist in Orange County, Dr. Fazilat offers her patients diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of eye issues. One of the aspects of her care is lazy eye treatment in Mission Viejo, an important service that tackles a common issue in children.

What is lazy eye?

Lazy eye is a common cause of decreased vision in children. The condition usually occurs in infancy and early childhood and typically only affects one eye (but sometimes both). Without treatment, it can cause severe vision loss.

Also referred to as amblyopia, lazy eye develops when the nerve pathways between the eye and the brain are not stimulated correctly. This can cause the brain to favor one eye over the other, resulting in the wandering of the weaker eye. Over time, the brain will start to ignore signals that it receives from the lazy eye.

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