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Kids Eye Doctor in Newport Beach


Dr. Golareh Fazilat, a kids eye doctor in Newport Beach, works out of the state-of-the-art Children’s Eye Center of Orange County. As a pediatric ophthalmology clinic, the center sees children for a wide range of eye issues, including amblyopia, lazy eye, pink eye, and more. Children also visit the center to obtain back to school exams and other routine exams. Additionally, the center provides a selection of eyeglasses for children who need vision correction. With the help of the experienced staff, kids can receive a perfect fit for eyeglasses right at the center.

The Children’s Eye Center of Orange County seeks to help both parents and children understand the vision care process and all of the potential treatments for eye issues. The environment at the center is focused on modern techniques and quality, personalized care. Dr. Fazilat strongly believes that prevention and early intervention is key to avoiding serious vision damage.

Which conditions are seen at Children’s Eye Center of Orange County?

As a kids eye doctor in Newport Beach, Dr. Golareh Fazilat sees patients for nearly every type of eye issue, ranging from minor irritations to vision loss. Just some of the conditions that she welcomes patients for include:

  • Lazy eye – A condition that develops when the brain favors one eye over the other
  • Stye – A pimple-like bump that can occur on the top or bottom of the upper or lower eyelid
  • Red eyes –An irritating condition that can be caused by infection or injury
  • Droopy eyelids – A condition caused by weak eyelid muscles
  • Double vision – A condition that makes it difficult to focus or read
  • Uveitis – A type of inflammation that also involves discomfort and pain
  • Allergic eye disease – A condition caused by allergens that irritate the eye’s surface
  • Glaucoma – Even though it’s most common in adults, children can still experience this eye clouding

In general, you should schedule an appointment for your child if he or she shows signs of any type of eye discomfort or vision issues.

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