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Kids Eye Doctor in Irvine

Children’s Eye Center of Orange County is a pediatric ophthalmology clinic that operates with the expertise of Dr. Golareh Fazilat. The center sees children for routine and school visits and for several eye issues that can surface, including glaucoma, droopy eyelids, and strabismus. Additionally, the center prescribes eyeglasses in order to correct vision issues and provides a wide selection of frames right there in the office in order to provide a perfect fit. Visiting Dr. Golareh Fazilat, a kids eye doctor in Irvine, allows parents to know that their child is well cared for by an experienced staff. By providing quality eye care, Children’s Eye Center of Orange County utilizes prevention against eye problems and vision loss in order to manage eye and brain issues in children. Schedule an appointment for your child today by contacting our office and speaking with one of our administrators.

Which conditions are seen at Children’s Eye Center of Orange County?

Experienced kids eye doctor in Irvine Dr. Golareh Fazilat sees children for a wide range of conditions, including:
  • Allergic eye disease – Characterized by allergens irritating the surface of the eye, causing redness and itching
  • Double vision – Characterized by trouble reading or focusing
  • Droopy eyelids – A result of weakened muscles in the eyelid
  • Glaucoma – A condition characterized by cloudiness of the eyes
  • Lazy eye – Caused by the brain favoring one eye over the other
  • Red eyes – Could be anywhere in the eye and the result of injury or infection
  • Stye – A bump located on the top or bottom of the eyelid
  • Uveitis – Occular inflammation accompanied by pain and discomfort
In general, if your child is showing any signs of vision or eye trouble, it is a good idea to schedule an exam as soon as possible.

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