Eye Patch for Kids

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Eye Patch for Kids-Childrens-Eye-Center-OCParents bring their children to Children’s Eye Center of Orange County for the expert care provided by pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Golareh Fazilat and her caring staff. Among the various methods of treatment are surgical procedures and corrective lenses. Dr. Fazilat also frequently prescribes the use of an eye patch for kids who are suffering from amblyopia, or lazy eye.

How does eye patching work?

In the case of amblyopia, one eye is being favored by the brain. This makes the other eye weaker and it starts to wander and appear weak, or “lazy.” By wearing an eye patch over the stronger eye, it forces the brain to use the lazy eye consistently. This practice allows the eye to become strong. This method of treating amblyopia is the most commonly used option, and it is very effective as long as the parents and child follow the doctor’s instructions.

Eye patching can also be utilized to protect an eye that has been injured and needs to heal.

What will the consultation entail?

The consultation is a very important first step for eye patching, because an eye patch for kids should not be used without recommendation by a doctor. Deciding to patch an eye and change the way that the eyes and brain interact is not something that parents should attempt to navigate on their own, and your child’s eye doctor will want to monitor their progress and note any vision changes throughout the process to be sure it is working as it should.

The consultation will consist of Dr. Fazilat asking questions about your child’s health history and performing an eye exam. In some cases, a different treatment method will be recommended. If it is determined that your child’s eye issues will be helped with a patch, the doctor will provide you with all the instructions you need.

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