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Back to School Eye Exams in Orange County


In addition to providing care for a number of eye issues and conditions, including lazy eye, strabismus, allergic eye disease, and more, Children’s Eye Center of Orange County also provides both routine eye exams and back to school eye exams. These exams are part of Dr. Golareh Fazilat’s commitment to providing optimal vision health for her patients.

Why are back to school exams important?

Unfortunately, studies show that as much as 86 percent of children start school without ever having had a thorough eye exam. This is dangerous because so much of what children learn in school requires sight. If your child has trouble seeing at school, it can make him or her frustrated and can even result in diminishing interest in learning. Your child can even begin to dislike school because of the frustration. Back to school eye exams in Orange County are an important learning tool, especially because most vision issues only get worse without treatment.

How often does my child need a back to school exam?

It can be easy to forget back to school vision exams among all of the other important tasks, like getting backpacks and establishing a new routine. But your child will need a vision exam upon entering school for the first time, and then every two years afterward, as long as there is no history of vision problems. If your child already has eyeglasses or contact lenses, he or she will need an exam yearly, because prescriptions can change rapidly.

You should also take your child in for an exam at any signs of vision trouble, like frequent headaches, clumsiness, frequent eye rubbing, squinting, or if your child loses his or her place while reading or holds books very close to their face.

While school vision exams can be helpful, they are not a substitute for full back to school eye exams in Orange County performed by an ophthalmologist.

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