Other Surgical & Medical Ophthalmologic Conditions


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Other surgical conditions treated by Dr. Fazilat include:

Duane’s Syndrome
An eye muscle disorder that results in abnormal eye movements

Brown Syndrome
A disorder that affects the eyes’ ability to move upward

Nerve palsy
A neurological condition that affects eye muscles

A condition that causes the cornea to lose its shape

Peter’s anomaly
Abnormal development of the anterior segment, resulting in blurred vision

Optic nerve hypoplasia
A condition characterized by underdevelopment of the optic nerve

A false appearance of strabismus, or misalignment of the eyes

A growth of abnormal benign tissue in or around the eye

Hemangioma of the orbit and eyelid
A benign tissue made up of overgrown blood vessels

and more!

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August 03, 2015
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